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Dr. Rutledge has delivered hundreds of speeches, workshops, retreats and webcasts. We have included a select few here for you to see him in action. To make your search easier, use the filter tool on the right-hand side of the screen and select your area of interest or format.



How understanding your brain can empower your life on the cancer journey

Recent brain science shows we can change the structure and functioning of our brains in a positive way through simple daily habits like practicing relaxation and 'taking in the good'. Dr. Rob Rutledge, oncologist and support group leader, will teach people affected by cancer to focus on ways to: a. Calm yourself in stressful situations b. Reframe distressing thoughts and emotions c. Live your life in a more calm, caring and connected way.

Length: 1:29:35

Life Lessons from the Cancer World for Prep School and Beyond

Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge shares his life story and many of the lessons he's garnered from remarkable cancer survivors - applying this wisdom to the life in high school and beyond. He concludes with advice about what to do if a loved one gets a cancer diagnosis.

Length: 26

Med Student Wellness: Practical Neuroscience to Promote Health and Happiness in Medical School

Given during the first week of medical school, Oncologist Dr. Rutledge draws on neuroscience and his life to teach the medical students practical techniques to help reframe their reaction to stressful situations in medical school and beyond. By understanding that stress is enhancing the students will learn ways to improve their performance on exams and on the ward. This is an uplifting talk pertinent to any health care professional or student in a demanding program.

Length: 32:34

TEDx Talk: Integrating Wisdom and Love Through Life’s Journey

Dr. Rutledge shares the lessons he has learned in the cancer world with a high school audience.

Length: 15:49

The Body Mind Spirit Connection – Making a Difference on the Cancer Journey

Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge provides an engaging overview of what people affected by cancer can do to empower themselves at the levels of body, mind and spirit. Drawing from experience on working on the cancer ward, recent brain science, and his personal journey, Rob delivers a lively, experiential and pertinent presentation to a Moncton, New Brunswick audience.

Length: 1:04

How understanding your brain can empower your life – for professional caregivers

Recent brain science shows we can change the structure and functioning of our brains in a positive way through simple daily habits like practicing relaxation and 'taking in the good'. Dr. Rob Rutledge, oncologist and support group leader, will extend these teachings to healthcare professionals and focus on ways to: a. Calm yourself in stressful situations b. Reframe distressing thoughts and emotions c. Live your life in a more calm, caring and connected way.

Length: 1:22

Medical Student Health: Taking Care of Us

Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge offers a medical school class practical ways to improve their quality of life. Through personal stories, his experience in cancer support groups, and updates from neuroscience, Dr. Rutledge outlines practical ways to grow and become a better physician.

Length: 1:26:51

Professional Caregiver Health – Taking care of us

This lecture covers off burnout and resilience for cancer centre and hospital staff. It talks about the risk factors of burnout in healthcare providers, and how to increase their resilience through health self-assessment tools and practical exercises.

Length: 56:03

Mindfulness in Medicine Seminar for Medical Students 2015

This seminar, delivered by an Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge and Psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker, teaches medical students the science of mindfulness and neuroplasticity, and engages them in experiential exercises including, a body scan, meditation, cognitive therapy, and abiding presence.

Length: 2:44:04

Applying Recent Neuroscience to Integrative Cancer Care

Dr. Rob Rutledge describes how understanding brain science and the nature of human behaviour can be applied for the good in serving people affected by cancer. Rob leads the charity

Length: 1:01:22

Spirituality on the Cancer Journey – Healing and Cancer Talk

Given on the Sunday morning of a weekend retreat, Drs. Rob Rutledge and Timothy Walker offer ways to connect with the spiritual aspects of our lives in the midst of the often chaotic psychological turbulence of living with a cancer diagnosis.

Length: 21:53

Healing and Cancer – Stories of Empowerment

Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD, Oncologist and Associate Professor, tells the stories of ordinary yet remarkable people affected by cancer, and how they were able to empower themselves at levels of body, mind and spirit on the cancer journey.

Length: 59:52

Integrating Wisdom and Love on the Cancer Journey

“How can we bring wisdom, love, gratitude and purpose into the cancer journey so healing occurs naturally?” This talk is an inspirational mix of true stories of remarkable survivors, the science of the mind-body connection, and a perspective on healing that transcends physical medicine.

Length: 53:01

Everything You Need To Know About Cancer

This talk could save your or a loved one's life. Oncologist Dr. Rob Rutledge reviews everything about cancer including what causes cancer, the basic biology, how cancer cause problems, how its detected, the medical system and how to get the best treatment, complete cancer care including empowering the body, and screening and early detection recommendations for everyone.

Length: 1:16:21

“Body, Mind, Spirit” at Canadian Breast Cancer session

Dr. Rutledge outlines 'Complete Breast Cancer Care', the integration of conventional medical care with scientifically-proven and wisdom-based healing techniques and attitudes which maximize the chance of recovery. Beyond providing this practical and integrated approach, Dr. Rutledge will show how our attitude to our own healing journey can influence the outcome. Included will be the stories of ordinary yet remarkable people who have transformed the cancer journey into a journey of the spirit.

Length: 25:52

Healing and Cancer – Finding Light in the Darkness

This film follow five people who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour who attended a Skills for Healing Weekend Retreat. Their resilience and willingness to share their vulnerability and resilience is awe-inspiring.

Length: 47:05

Webcasted Workshop

Here is an example of a webcasted workshop that was offered by Dr. Rutledge in a series for cancer patients and their family.

Length: 45:15

The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection: Making a Difference on the Cancer Journey

Provides practical and integrated approach to a cancer diagnosis (or other medical condition). Dr. Rutledge endorses integrative medicine which combines conventional medical care with the scientifically-proven health habits and healing techniques. Essential advice is combined with stories from Dr. Rutledge’s life.

Length: 51:19

When a Loved One has Cancer: Ten Ways to Support Someone with a Cancer Diagnosis

Provides practical advice for the loved ones of those diagnosed with cancer, while acknowledging how stressful it is to be a family member or friend. Dr. Rutledge addresses issues of guilt, withholding emotions, and family communication.

Length: 35:30

The Role of Complementary Medicine in Cancer Care

Dr. Rutledge provides a clear outline of the essential health habits, what to avoid, and an approach to evaluating the rest. This talk is both pragmatic and open to the possibilities of healing in non-conventional ways.

Length: 44:19

Healing and Cancer: The Documentary

This film documents the story of five ordinary, yet remarkable, people and their experience attending a ‘Healing and Cancer’ weekend retreat.

Length: 46:11

Healing and Cancer – ‘The Nature of Healing’ Breast Cancer Retreat

The documentary features the transformation of five women affected by breast cancer who attended a weekend retreat. Over the course of the weekend they experience the power of new friendships, and realize that the strength and wisdom they were seeking already lay deep within themselves.

Length: 48:32

“Complete Prostate Cancer Care”

Dr. Rutledge describes how to get the best care from the conventional medical system, treatment options for prostate cancer, and how men with a prostate cancer diagnosis can empower themselves at the level of body and mind.

Length: 1:05:37