Dr. Rutledge’s seminars are engaging, transformative and adaptable to any audience.  He can quickly create an atmosphere where people feel safe to participate in the exercises and share their own perspective in small and large group discussions. Learning the healing skills like stress-reduction and mindfulness directly allows people to better understand how they can integrate the teachings directly into their lives. The experience is often touching, uplifting, and gratifying for everyone involved.

Dr. Rutledge welcomes the opportunity to add a workshop on to any speaking engagement, such as offering a break-out seminar after a keynote speech at a conference.


Seminars/workshops vary in length from 2-6 hours and intensive workshops last 1-2 days. Group sizes can range from 10-1,000.


Seminars/workshops flow from short teachings, to experiential exercises, to small and large group discussion, to gentle body-based activities like Qi Gong. Examples of content include:

  • Dr. Rutledge’s story, personal practice and reflections from his own life’s journey and as an oncologist and support group leader
  • Short sessions teaching relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Overview of stress and the relaxation response
  • Discussions in dyads and small and large groups (i.e. issues facing family members / colleagues)
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction teachings and exercises
  • Reviewing healthy lifestyle choices (audience volunteering answers or assessing their own healthy habits)
  • Deep relaxation exercises done as a body-scan laying or sitting
  • Techniques to reframe difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Body-based activities like Yoga and Qi Gong
  • Art therapy exercises
  • Question and Answer and large group discussion for any emerging issues


Seminars and workshops are adaptable to most venues and audiences. Examples include:

  • Public talk in a venue with fixed seating. Exercises would be done sitting or standing.
  • Short seminars given to corporate groups can be done in boardrooms – table and chair set up
  • Longer workshops are best done in an open room with space for attendees to get down on the floor on yoga mats. Hotel conference rooms, retreat centres, and university halls are typical venues.

Audiences / Example Workshops

The Skills for Healing Seminar
This 2-hour seminar is an excellent substitute for the classic public talk. Audience members will learn about all the elements of complete care – and do it through listening, reflecting, experiencing relaxation, and by participating in short discussion exercises. Engaging for any sized group of people affected by any condition. View a sample Skills for Healing Day-long Seminar agenda.

The Science and Practice of Stress Reduction
This 2-3 hour seminar is ideal for executives, employees and management teams. Through drawing on recent brain science, the focus remains on the individual teaching them to recognize their own stress reaction, teach simple ways to de-stress in the moment, experience deep relaxation, and learn to live in a more peaceful and positive way. Can also include “what to do if a colleague/employee gets cancer”. Group size is unlimited.

The Skills for Wellness Day-Long Workshop
Originally designed for health care professionals, this workshop can be adapted to any group. The day-long format allows participants to explore more deeply into the issues which are most distressing in their lives and learn the skills. Venue/space determines group size. View a sample Skills for Wellness Day-Long Workshop agenda.

Webcasted Workshop
Workshops can be offered live, in-person or by webcast. Here is an example of a webcasted workshop that was offered in a series for cancer patients and their family.  The workshops can be archived and made available for free after the event.

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