The Skills for Healing Weekend Retreat

Weekend retreats are designed to empower a group of people with knowledge, teach them essential healing skills, and provide an opportunity for them to connect with their own healing potential.  Through experiential exercises and small and large group instruction, the participants typically begin to recognize their inherent wisdom and strength.

The transformation in a group of strangers to a supportive community from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon is amazing.

Dr. Rutledge has facilitated dozens of Skills for Healing Cancer Weekend retreats in over 20 cities since 1999. The retreats are available to anyone with any type or stage of cancer and an accompanying loved one – with a maximum group size of 55.  Along with psychotherapist Dr. Timothy Walker, Dr. Rutledge teaches an integrated and practical approach to the cancer diagnosis. The sessions include how to negotiate the medical system, scientifically proven healthy lifestyle habits, and stress physiology and relaxation.  They teach the skills of mindfulness-based stress reduction, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, and reframing difficult thoughts – all within the setting of a supportive-expressive support group.


Retreats can be a very powerful experience for cancer patients and their families.  If you’re interested in attending or hosting one these resources will give you a better sense of what is involved and the impact it may have on your participants.

  • What happens at a Retreat (9-minute long video)
  • Retreat Documentary (45-minute long video)
  • Documents needed to organize a retreat
  • The Healing Circle is a book written by Dr. Rutledge and Dr. Walker to capture all of the teachings of a weekend retreat. Alternative chapters also feature the stories of people who have attended a retreat. Click here to learn more or to order a book.

To read testimonials from people who have attended a retreat click here.
To book Dr. Rutledge or discuss how he can modify a retreat for your group, click here.