Webcasting can be a valuable addition to any presentation or workshop.  The simple laptop-based technology allows for the production of TV-quality live video which can be easily viewed by anyone with high-speed connection to the internet.

Here is how it works:

Option 1 – Webcasting in front of live audience

  1. Dr. Rutledge will bring the webcasting equipment (laptop, wireless microphone, and camera) to the event.  The venue must have access to high-speed internet – a wired connection works much better than wireless. The anonymity of all audience members can be maintained.
  2. Distant viewers would be instructed to go to www.healingandcancer.tv and click the link that says “Watch a webcast in progress.” Occasionally they will be asked to download a program before they can watch, but most often a screen will simply pop up and the live video will be running. Note: There is no registration process and no passwords are necessary. Distant viewers could be instructed to call or email in their questions for the live Question and Answer session at the end of the presentation.
  3. The webcast can be recorded and later posted on a website. This archived video would be free for people to watch.

Option 2 – Webcasting from Halifax

Dr. Rutledge can webcast a presentation from Halifax without an audience. This webcast could be broadcasted to a live audience at a distant site, to an audience who would watch from home, or a combination of these two audiences.


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