Speaking Engagements

Dr. Rutledge is passionate about sharing the science of self-care, practical healing techniques, and the inspiring stories he has garnered as an Oncologist, support group leader, and from his own life’s journey.  His presentations are fun, dynamic and pertinent to every person in the audience.

Seminars, Keynote speeches and Lectures

These talks can last from 20-90 minutes long and can be customized to your needs.


Even short presentations are designed to be engaging by weaving together different types of material. Examples of content include:

  • Dr. Rutledge’s story, personal practice and reflections from his own life’s journey as a full-time oncologist and cancer retreat leader
  • Simple relaxation exercises to demonstrate the mind-body connection
  • Practical advice about how to navigate the medical system and the role of complementary therapy
  • Stories about and attributes of exceptional cancer patients
  • Reviewing healthy lifestyle choices (audience volunteering answers or assessing their own healthy habits)
  • Readings from his book, The Healing Circle
  • Updates from the burgeoning neurosciences (how we can change our brains and behaviours)
  • Stories about the power of meditation and other healthy habits such as exercise
  • Practical advice and the benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • How to tap into spiritual domain – presented in a secular fashion
  • Question and Answer section


Dr. Rutledge prefers to present without slides, instead connecting directly with the audience face-to-face. In some presentations, slides are used where audience members need to assess their own health. This has been done before with touch pad technology.


The inspiring message of how to bring wisdom and compassion into anyone’s life has universal appeal. These presentations are easily modified for:

  • Cancer groups of any type
  • Other disease specific groups (i.e. multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc.)
  • Health care professionals (i.e. grand rounds, lunch and learn, etc.)
  • Professional organizations (i.e. nursing)
  • National conferences for any organization
  • Religious organizations
  • Fundraising events
  • Corporate audiences (i.e. executives or company-wide events)


Other Options (not on the video page)

Everything You Should Know about Cancer (30-60 minutes)
This talk is aimed at a corporate audience. The main points of this talk include: what is cancer and its treatment, negotiating the medical system, ways to decrease cancer risk, and what to do if a colleague gets cancer.  It’s essential information for work and home. Click here to download the presentation PDF.

The Science and Practice of Stress-Reduction (30-60 minutes)
This talk brings the teachings of mindfulness-based stress reduction from the weekend retreats to any organization or group. Combining recent scientific evidence with experiential exercises, this talk is pertinent to us all and suits a lunch and learn audience.

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