As an Oncologist and support group leader, Dr. Rutledge shares from his rich experience to deliver inspiring, profound and practical presentations.  His passion is to create fun, dynamic and relevant experiences for every audience by empowering them with the science of self-care, teaching healing skills (like relaxation and mindfulness), and inspiring them with the insights and touching stories from the cancer world.  With an obvious sense of compassion, his delivery is powerful, authentic, and engaging.

He’s been inspiring and empowering audiences for more than 20 years

Dr. Rutledge has worked with event planners and professional associations on three continents. He has delivered his approach to a multitude of cancer, health care professional, and corporate groups in a variety of venues. To learn more about what he has to offer choose from the formats or audiences in the menu on the left of this page.

Dr. Rutledge is eager to work with each client and organizer to tailor his presentation to the audience and the focus of the event. He likes to present in multiple formats and welcomes the opportunity to offer more than one type of presentation in any city (i.e. keynote speech and a workshop).

In this short video Dr. Rutledge outlines the main elements that make up any of his presentations.

Please contact Dr. Rutledge to learn more about how he can serve you.