Oncologist, Associate Professor, Speaker

Dr. Rob Rutledge is a Radiation Oncologist, Associate Professor and a dynamic and passionate Professional Speaker who has inspired audiences for more than 20 years with his integrated approach to healing at the level of body, mind and spirit. Combining scientific knowledge, personal stories and insights gained from serving people dealing with life-threatening disease, he has touched the hearts and minds of thousands with his compassion and wisdom.

Dr. Rutledge with patient

Dr. Rutledge’s engaging and interactive approach can be tailored to a variety of audiences including:

He presents in a number of formats, including:

Learn more about Dr. Rutledge’s background and accomplishments here. Watch a video of Rob giving a talk here.

The Healing and Cancer Foundation

The funds Dr. Rutledge raises as a professional speaker go directly to The Healing and Cancer Foundation, a registered charity, he co-founded. The Foundation teaches people affected by cancer how to access the best care from the medical system and combine it with scientific and wisdom-based healing techniques like mindfulness-based stress reduction.

In 1998, Dr. Rutledge met Dr. Timothy Walker, a Halifax-based psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher. They partnered to create the Skills for Healing Cancer weekend retreats. The retreats offer a powerful support group experience, combining the scientific perspective with wisdom-based healing techniques. More than 1,500 people have attended their 41 retreats in 23 cities, in three countries to critical acclaim. Learn more about their story of meeting and setting up the first retreat by reading the introductory chapter of their book, The Healing Circle.

The Healing and Cancer Foundation evolved out of these retreats with the mandate of freely offering the teachings and inspirational stories with an international audience through educational videos, webcasts and documentaries. In 2012, their videos were viewed 40,000 times by people on six continents. Visit Healingandcancer.org to learn more.